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November 7, 2023

Top 5 FAQs about Adwerx for real estate

Digital marketing isn’t always easy. Especially when you aren’t a full-time, professional digital marketer. But in today’s real estate market, every agent like you has to be a digital marketer in some way or another, deciding how to use your blog, your Facebook page and your web site to help promote your business. Then there’s paid advertising. That’s where Adwerx comes in. And here are the top five questions we get from agents when they discover our agent ad and listing ad products.

1. “Who will see my ads?  Where will they be posted?”

We target your local prospects in two ways: by zip code and web browsing behavior. You define the zip codes with your campaigns. We define the browsing behaviors.

2. “How do you find my potential clients?”

According to the NAR, the average real estate customer researches real-estate related items on the web, such as homes for sale, mortgages and moving companies, for about two weeks, before ever talking to a real estate agent. These browsing behaviors tell us that they might be in the market to buy or sell a home. So we show them your ads so you can be top of mind when they are ready to talk to an agent.

3. “Where will my ads be shown?”

Your ads can be shown all across the internet as they ‘follow’ your prospects, from YouTube to The New York Times.  Adwerx goes beyond the traditional real estate listing sites to showcase your ads on the entire web. Wherever your prospect goes on the web, there is a chance your ad will appear.

4. “What happens when someone clicks on my ad?”

Now the fun begins! When someone clicks on your ad, they will go to the destination page that you enter when you setup your campaign. This can be any website you choose: including your personal site, a specific property site, or your brokerage’s site.  This can be the most important aspect of your ad, as your landing page is your prospect’s first impression of you.  

5. “How often will my ads be shown?”

Our branding campaigns receive an average of 10,000+ views per month. This varies by geography and time of year.

Adwerx makes digital marketing  brilliantly simple. And we find that once agents get it, they really get it. And then they can’t live without it.

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