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Remove the Guesswork With Top Performer Packages

Crafted from over a decade of experience collaborating with top producers in the housing industry, Top Performer Packages are designed to reach prospective clients and strengthen your existing relationships with a sophisticated omnichannel marketing strategy.

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What’s Included

Referral campaigns help you win repeat business from your database
Geo-targeted campaigns expose your brand to consumers in your market
Digital Out-of-Home ads increase exposure in high-traffic physical locations
Premier support helps you build and adjust your custom branding strategy
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You don’t get to the top by running the same playbook as everyone else

Let Adwerx help you launch an elevated marketing mix to stand out against your competitors and demonstrate that you are a market leader.

How it works
Meet with one of our marketing experts who will analyze your market and your existing database to match you with the right mix of marketing campaigns
Let our onboarding team launch a customized suite of Adwerx campaigns designed to help you stand out in your local market.
Keep tabs on campaign performance with enhanced reporting only available to Top Performer Package customers
Let our advanced advertising software optimize your campaigns while you focus on building face-to-face relationships with your customers
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Adwerx has put me on the map and sets me apart from my competition with custom web and streaming TV advertising. Their customer service team is accessible, prompt and a pleasure to work with. They take the time to listen to your needs and find the best strategy for you. I wish I had only had Adwerx earlier in my career and had started it before I hit 18 years in the business!

Lauren Ravitz
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

Strategically Designed With You in Mind

From dedicated onboarding to a direct line of communication with our Premier Support account team, we handle the work so you can handle your clients.

Pre-Built Ad Strategy

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Premium Ad Designs

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Bonus Impressions

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Dedicated Onboarding & Premier Support

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Top Performer Packages Offer Plans Crafted to Grow With Your Business

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Individuals looking to build brand awareness with new audiences and stay in front of their sphere of influence.


Top producers, teams and firms looking for comprehensive brand coverage that focuses heavily on engaging and nurturing custom audiences.

Ad types
Ads for your sphere
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ads for your Local Area
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Streaming TV
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Retargeting ads
Direct access to Premier Support Account Managers
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Dedicated onboarding
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Enhanced Reporting
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Premium Ad Templates
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Top Performer Packages

Ad Types Included

Streaming TV Advertising

Become locally famous with personalized Streaming TV commercials hyper-targeted to your local area

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Individuals Looking to Build Your Brand Online

Instantly launch a personalized digital ad to grow your business

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Top Performers Looking to Level-Up Your Ad Strategy

Take away the guesswork with easy-to-execute packages created for top performers

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Firms Looking to Increase Your Team's Productivity

Elevate your firm's brand and producer productivity using scalable advertising solutions

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