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April 3, 2024

Differentiate your real estate marketing with video

Video may not be new technology, but the propensity for consumers to watch, learn from and shop by watching videos is a relatively recent trend. More importantly it’s a trend you have to understand and exploit in your real estate marketing plan.

eMarketer and Exact Target did a recent study that shows large audiences across social, mobile and video destinations.

The case for real estate digital marketing

The case for real estate digital marketing

So you know where they’re spending their time online… but how do you reach them?

Your current real estate marketing plan probably has the basics covered — your website, LinkedIn, and of course for your listings sites like, Trulia, Zillow and social media sites like Facebook. But if you really want to be forward looking, differentiate yourself from the pack, and reach buyers and sellers where they live, you should get out the video camera and get on YouTube. 1 billion people visit YouTube each month worldwide, resulting in 1 billion daily views on mobile devices!

Consumers are 73% more likely to list their home with an agent that uses video.*

Why? Because buyers know instinctively what YouTube announced at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show: in the near future, 90% of all web visitors will be watching video. Folks are using every possible type of medium to learn about prospective listings and agents, including blogs, photos and videos. Not surprisingly, they want you to use every tool in your digital toolkit to market to them and to promote their listings.

We see three main types of videos in the real estate landscape:

  1. Videos that feature listings. These are the videos you’re more than likely doing already. Video tours of homes you’re listing and/or neighborhoods you specialize in. No longer innovative, this approach is really required for any realtor.
  2. Videos that build brand whether it’s for your agency or for you. Take a look at the one below from North Carolina realtor Jessica Edwards. She’s been making videos that illustrate her expertise and express her personality for four years so it’s obviously worth the effort.
  3. Videos that educate realtors. A quick YouTube search will bring you a wealth of videos from industry pundits so that you can benefit from the knowledge and skills of your colleagues around the globe. Sites like BiggerPocekts and Active Rain also provide a wealth of knowledge from agents who are in the trenches everyday.

*Source: National Association of Realtors (NAR) via InMan News.

Getting started is easier — and cheaper — than you think.

Intimidated by cameras, audio equipment and editing software? No need to be. There’s a ton of advice out there (not to mention videos!) on what you’ll need. Here’s a great Google Hangout WebTV show that interviews veteran video blogger Bob Sokoler to get his equipment recommendations and tips for getting started.

Hot tip: Bob suggests the GoPro Hero2 or Hero3 and decent audio equipment. You could be set up and ready to upload your first video for an investment of $750 or less.

The time is now.


According to a recent eMarketer survey, at the start of 2013 56% of the US population was watching video online, up over 5% from 2012. That trend is only going to continue, and when we’re talking mobile viewing, the rise in viewership is much more rapid.

Whether they’re listing or buying, consumers are going online while they’re on the go. Your best chance to make a lasting impression is video and the time to do is now!

Got a great real estate marketing video tip? A favorite vlogger you want to share? We welcome your comments and discussion below.

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