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Thought Leadership
June 20, 2024

Beyond Billboards: The Digital Out-of-Home Revolution

In the bustling world of marketing, where attention spans are fleeting and competition is fierce, digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising offers a unique opportunity. Imagine your brand message flashing across screens in high-traffic public spaces—malls, gyms, restaurants, pharmacies, offices, and more—engaging potential clients as they go about their day. This technology is now available for real estate and mortgage professionals for the first time through Adwerx. Let’s explore what Digital out-of-home advertising is and its potential for your business.

What is Digital Out-of-Home Advertising?

Digital out-of-home advertising is the tech-savvy counterpart to traditional billboard advertising. It refers to digitally displayed ads that are accessible to viewers outside their homes, capturing the attention of audiences on the go. DOOH advertising encompasses a variety of screen types, offering visually stunning, attention-grabbing displays that are strategically positioned in the high-traffic and high-interest areas where your clients are likely to be. As consumers spend more time outside their homes, the value and relevance of DOOH advertising continue to soar, offering advertisers unique benefits and opportunities to engage with their target audiences.

Types of Screens for DOOH Advertising

DOOH advertising utilizes a wide array of digital screens to display content, including:

  • Digital Billboards: Large-scale screens located alongside highways or on major urban roads.
  • Street Furniture: Includes digital displays integrated into bus shelters, kiosks, and benches.
  • Retail Displays: Screens located inside or outside retail environments, such as shopping malls, pharmacies, bars, offices, and many more.

As individuals move through their daily routines, it becomes increasingly harder to capture their attention. Digital out-of-home advertising provides a powerful way to showcase your brand using ads that are relevant and engaging across multiple locations — something that other channels simply can’t offer.

Benefits of Digital Out-of-Home for Real Estate and Mortgage Professionals

DOOH advertising offers several benefits to advertisers, making it an increasingly popular choice for modern marketing strategies. Studies have shown that DOOH advertising can significantly boost the performance of other marketing channels. In fact, it can amplify the reach of every other major media channel to more than 90%. Additionally, DOOH ads boast an impressive 82% ad recall, demonstrating its power to both amplify message reach and create impact.

Best Practices for DOOH Ad Creative

To maximize the impact of DOOH advertising, consider the following best practices for ad creative:

  • Keep it simple: Keep messages concise. Passersby have seconds to absorb your content.
  • Use high-contrast visuals: Bold colors and high-contrast visuals make the ad more noticeable and readable from a distance.
  • Location Awareness: Tailor content to the environment. A waterfront property ad near a beach? Perfect!

Digital out-of-home advertising offers a compelling blend of traditional reach and digital sophistication, providing advertisers with powerful tools to connect with audiences in the physical world. By leveraging the right screens, adopting best practices for creative content, and utilizing the unique benefits of DOOH, real estate and mortgage professionals can craft impactful campaigns that resonate with consumers on the move.

Ready to get started? With Adwerx, you can now run your own digital out-of-home ad in the zip codes most important to your business. 

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