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Thought Leadership
November 7, 2023

Anatomy of a real estate landing page

So you’re using digital advertising for real estate. (And hopefully, you’re using Adwerx for your digital ads!)

Your ad is helping you stay top of mind with people you are prospecting or the people you already know. But where are you sending those people that click on your ad?

You should be sending them to a real estate landing page.

“But I have a web site,” you’re saying. Let’s take a quick step back, and correct a common mistake: a landing page isn’t quite the same thing as your web site.

What is a real estate landing page?

Once someone clicks on your ad, they need to go to page that delivers on the promise you made in your ad. That delivery is on a landing page, which is a web page that speaks to a specific purpose.

It’s not a Home page. It’s not an About page. So what makes a web page a landing page?

  • Landing pages have ONE purpose (home values report or a specific listing)
  • They are easy to read and scan
  • The message is clear — don’t tell your entire story
  • Deliver on the promise of a digital ad

Here’s how you should think about a real estate landing page for your listings or your own personal brand:

adwerx anatomy of landing page
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1. Lead with a strong headline

Headlines catch the visitor’s eye. (Read more about headlines for real estate here.) Resist the urge to focus on yourself. Instead, talk directly to your ideal clients and what matters to them.

Find the home your dreams deserve!

Sell your home for everything it’s worth

Make new memories in your next home!

5 tips to sell your home (and one bonus!)

Who will polish this diamond in the rough?

2. Hero shot: image or video

Visual marketing is a key element of advertising for real estate. If it’s a photo or video of a home, be sure it’s the best possible images you can get — no blurry living rooms or dark kitchens! If you’re using video, pay special attention to the image that is the “default” image for the video, or your cover image.

3. Storytelling area

Here’s where you can get creative with content. You’ve captured them with your headline — here’s where you pay that off! Some things to keep in mind:
– Use short, descriptive sentences
– Focus on what your client needs
– Don’t try to tell the whole story, just the top points

4. Call to Action

The whole purpose of this page is the CTA, or call to action. What do you want your visitor to do? Download a report? Fill out a form? Here is where you make that easy for them.

5. Reviews/Testimonials

Social proof is how you justify your expertise. It’s one thing for you to toot your own horn, but quite another when you can have former clients do it for you. Don’t have any testimonials? Ask for them! Reach out to former clients to share a few words about their experience with you. Be sure to ask permission to publish what they say. And of course, say thank you!

Since real estate is the world in which you live, here’s the metaphor: your home page is the front door. That’s where people go when you aren’t expecting them. But a landing page is the perfect chair — you tell them where to sit and they marvel at how perfect it feels!

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