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November 7, 2023

8 Dos and Don’ts for digital ads for your business (and 2 Maybes)

What are some best practices for digital ads?

Having served over a billion digital ads in the last three years, we can tell you some of the biggest Dos and Don’ts when using them as part of your marketing strategy for your business.

Whether you are advertising to people in your market by Zip code or to the list you maintain of people in your sphere of influence, these easy guidelines will help you create a digital ad that helps you build brand awareness with the prospective clients you want.

DO include a call to action.

Display advertising is all about repetition and frequency. But your prospects still need to be told what to do. Even if it’s as simple as “Click here.” But here are some even better calls-to-action that are more effective when combined with a landing page that delivers:

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DON’T put your email or web site on your ad

It’s tempting to think of your digital ad like a business card and include all your contact information, but it’s actually a very different tactic. Use your ad for an attention-grabbing headline and a reason to click. And make sure your contact information even a data capture tool is on your landing page!

DO include a photo.

We live in a digital world, but you’re a professional that still serves clients face to face. This ad might be the first time your client is “meeting” you, so a photo helps that relationship form. And though it seems obvious to say — smile! Being professional doesn’t mean you have to be somber. Exude warmth and a feeling that you are someone with whom it is pleasant to do business.

DON’T use a selfie.

Yes, iPhone cameras are amazing. But that doesn’t mean you should use it for your brand. Don’t stand in the bathroom mirror, don’t use a photo from your last vacation and please don’t use a selfie stick!

DO customize your message to your ideal prospect.

Who do you want to work with? Reach out to those people with words and images that reflect who they are and what they need. Create a persona if it helps you understand who that prospect is. Help your ideal clients recognize themselves in your ad!

DON’T use the placeholder text.

We have placeholder text on every Adwerx ad. And even though it’s perfectly fine, it’s not the right text for you. Because you didn’t write it! Give some thought to what your message is. You’re not like everyone else– your ad shouldn’t be either.

DO test different messages

Mix up your marketing message every quarter or so. Perhaps make it seasonal. Change up your focus. See what resonates with your audience. But make sure your landing page reflects the change in messaging.

DON’T change your ad too often

With the idea of testing in mind, changing your ad every week will prevent the power of repetition to kick in. You want to build up a familiarity, without creating fatigue in your audience.

MAYBE think about getting a custom ad.

Adwerx offers and easy to use digital ad builder. But you can also upload your own digital ad, and you don’t have to be a designer to do it. Find a local graphic designer. Or you could use an online service like, 99Designs or find somebody on freelance sites like elance. That way your ad truly stands out and reflects you.

MAYBE try mobile ads if you haven’t already.

Adwerx Web ads get you all over the web for users on laptops. But most of us take our smartphones everywhere we go. Mobile ads are especially important if you want to get in front of millennials in apps and on mobile Facebook!

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