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Thought Leadership
April 3, 2024

Turn up the volume – Adwerx adds juice to TV campaigns

Over the last few months, the world has changed before our eyes, and the TV industry has not been exempt from the tumult. Connected TV spend across industries was already on the up and up when Adwerx launched it’s  Television Commercials as a Service™ (TCaaS) product last July, and the advent of stay-home orders amidst the COVID-19 pandemic sent that growth into hyperdrive, with streaming TV commercial inventory up 54% in April 2020 from April 20191 .

Did you know, 64% of US consumers have never had cable, are planning to cut the cord, or have already cut their cable subscriptions?1

More people than ever are watching ad-supported streaming television, and Adwerx makes it possible to harness the attention of those viewers in less than a few minutes. But that’s old news. In 2020, the Adwerx team has been hard at work to increase the value provided to our TV customers by improving the reporting, utility and versatility of each streaming TV campaign.

Know your placement

Having a TV commercial is exciting and a powerful branding tool. Knowing the breakdown of which premium streaming channels and services your commercial has delivered on changes that excitement into a tangible result for your brand. The best part? If you’ve already purchased a TV campaign with Adwerx, this feature was added to your account at no added cost.

Share with your network

Adwerx customers have spoken, and they overwhelmingly wanted to be able to share their personalized commercial with their network in some way other than through their campaign’s targeting. Now, every Adwerx TV campaign automatically generates a public landing page where anyone online can view your commercial. You can also quickly share with your friends, family and clients on social media or using the link. People who visit this landing page will also be retargeted with your commercial on streaming TV, at no extra cost to you.

Update your commercial, on demand

Your campaign already included ready-to-air commercials, but now you can edit your personalized information and images included in the video any time, from any device. Also, Adwerx is continuously producing new original commercials that are relevant to your brand and your audience’s needs.

Pro tip: Update the message in your commercial once a month to keep your branding fresh

1. Source: The Trade Desk – The Time is Now for Connected TV, 2020

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