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June 20, 2024

New feature for Adwerx listing ads: Just Listed, Just Reduced, Just Sold!

Why do real estate agents love Adwerx listing ads?

  1. You can put your listings online in front of potential buyers in a 15 mile radius or in specific cities (great for second homes!)
  2. Your sellers see their home advertised on major sites as they browse the web (they love that!).
  3. Your sellers receive regular reports, showing you are actively marketing their home (because you are!).

We even give you a flyer you can bring to listing presentations.

And now listing ads are even more powerful. You can add corner ribbons to be more eye-catching and specific. Also Adwerx listing ads are now on Facebook!

Watch this short tutorial to learn more:

You are probably already sending Just Listed or Just Sold postcards. Well now, your Adwerx listing ads can do the same thing for you! Go to the ad builder page at and create a listing ad.

Now because this is a new listing, I go to the new Corner Ribbon menu and select…. Just Listed!

However, maybe my sellers wanted to price a little higher than the market will bear right now, so I’m going to announce that we’ve reduced the price.

And of course, that price was perfect, so the house sells but I want to promote the fact I have another sale! So I select, Just Sold and will run this ad to find new sellers!

Listings ads are now shown in mobile apps and on Facebook!

“But Adwerx,” I hear you say. “I’m already boosting listing ads on my own Facebook page!” Well here’s our theory on that. Your Facebook page is a critical part of your relationship-building — of nurturing your network. And while it’s good to show you’re busy, your network doesn’t want to just see listings ads from you.

With Adwerx, your listing ads won’t be clogging up your personal Facebook page. They’ll be shown to potential buyers and sellers within the target area you selected — whether it’s the 15 mile radius or cities you specified.

And if anyone likes your listing ad or comments on it, you’ll see that.

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