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Thought Leadership
April 3, 2024

Level up your communications with sellers

If your listings receive automated ads through your brokerage, you’re already aware of the power of automated advertising. Did you know you can automate advertising reports to your sellers too? Sending proof of advertising to your sellers shows you’re a tech-forward agent who follows through on promises made in your listing presentation.

Add your seller and they’ll get a report that shows your marketing for their property!

But, who has the time to set this up?

If you’re one of the lucky ones for whom seller reports are automated through your brokerage, congratulations! But if you’re not, we’ve been working on making it easier to enlist help from your broker for this important task.

Adwerx has recently released a feature to enable administrators at your brokerage to add your seller’s information to your automated ads for you.

Plus, in the spirit of empowering brokers and agents to work more effectively, we plan to keep improving the set of tools brokers can use to help agents perform to their very highest level. In the future, we’ll empower brokers to assist with editing ads or simply give you a second set of eyes.

Another point of interest to brokers, there is a proven correlation between entering sellers info for automated reports and agent productivity! In a T3 Sixty analysis of 27,738 agents whose listings received automated ads, “Highly Engaged” agents (those including seller info on more than 50% of their Adwerx listing ads) saw a 7.1% increase in year over year listings from 2018 to 2019. Check out the full report.

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