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Adwerx Helps Real Estate Agents Win More Listings

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Real estate agents using Adwerx Automated Listing Ads win 35% more listings

Key Experiment Results

T3 Sixty’s Analysis of Adwerx Listing Data reveals agents using Adwerx are more productive


listings for agents who received Adwerx Automated Listing Ads vs. agents who did not


additional listings per year for Top Producers

*In a statistically significant study that examined more than 30,000 agents over a two year period, agents who received automated listing ads from their broker via the Adwerx Platform saw a lift in year-over-year productivity of 35% versus their peers.

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Based on this analysis, Adwerx appears to be an effective tool in helping agents grow their listing business. An improvement of over one in year-over-year listing count certainly suggests that Adwerx plays a role in agents improving their listing count performance.

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Why Adwerx Automated Listing Ads?

Showcase every one of your properties and turn your sellers into referral sources. Using Adwerx, advertise every listing, automatically and show your sellers your firm is doing everything possible to promote their property. All ads are created with no extra effort from your agents and target people who have demonstrated they are in the market for a home.

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