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June 20, 2024

Is REALTOR® on your birth certificate?

Are you using “REALTOR®” as part of your name on your Facebook personal profile?

Did your mom and dad know you were going to grow up to be a REALTOR® and help you out by making it your middle name on your birth certificate? Did they say, “Oh, he looks just like his grandfather, Harry Smith REALTOR®! Let’s name him after him.”

Unless you have legally changed your name to REALTOR®, just STOP!

First of all, if you’re doing this, you are in violation of Facebook’s terms of use.  They can shut down your account … and they will. If you’re lucky, the Powers That Be at Facebook will just convert your personal profile to a business page. But then what? You’ll have to start all over again with your personal profile. What a bummer!

Also? If you’re doing this … it makes you look like a jerk (whether you are one or not). Facebook is for friendships and for building relationships. When people see that in your “name,” they know immediately what your goal is: TO SELL THEM SOMETHING. And that makes the Baby Santa Claus cry.

So, think about it … do you see any other professionals putting their profession as part of their name?! Does your doctor, accountant or lawyer do that? Are you friends with “Bobbie Jo Supermarket Checker” or “Harriet Marie Super English Teacher”? NO. And how would you feel about those people if they did that?

There are so many better ways to tell the social world what you do. Fill out the “About You” section and give the details of where you work. Post fun things that happen during your day at work. Don’t post your listings … that will get you hidden. Nobody is going to Facebook to find a new home. If you happen to have a really cool listing with something special, get creative with a post, but please don’t post your entire listing portfolio.

If you’re a REALTOR®, then you know that word means something and there are rules about how it can be used. The word REALTOR®  should only be used to indicate membership in the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®. Make sure you are using it correctly. Trademark infringement is not to be taken lightly. “The term REALTOR® is not only a trademark owned by NAR and protected by federal law, it is also a valuable membership benefit that distinguishes members from all others in the real estate business.”

Not everyone who sells real estate is a REALTOR®.

This post originally appeared on The Geeky Girls blog. Thanks to Laurie for sharing!

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