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September 8, 2023

Create real estate flyers and digital ads with Canva

Do you want to design your own real estate flyers? Do you create your own digital ads for real estate?

Then you absolutely need to know about Canva.

Canva gives you access to premium high-quality images and professional-looking, pre-made real estate flyer and digital ad layouts. And you do not have to be a graphic designer to use it!

You can upload your own images to really customize your work. Those stunning staging photos of your listing? Upload them! Or upload your own headshot and real estate logo. Then you can drag and drop them into your layout.

Canva is mostly free. If you want to use some of the higher end stock images, then you’ll pay about $1.00 each.

You can even improve your design skills with their free tutorials!

Create your real estate flyer once. Use it many times!

We should all reuse and recycle — even when it comes to graphic design. Once you create a flyer, you’ll save it in your Canva dashboard. Then when you’re ready to do another flyer for another listing, just copy the design and change out the pictures and the text.

Talk about time-saving!

You can download the files as .jpgs or .pdfs and send them off to a printer. Or email them out.

Design your custom digital ads for real estate

If you’re using Adwerx for digital ads for real estate, you know we let you upload your own ads. But many folks don’t know how to create a custom ad and don’t have a designer on call.

Never fear. Canva is here.

Adwerx requires 2 ad sizes, with an additional two optional sizes. And Canva has presets for almost all of them! Simply go to Design Templates and View All. Then scroll down until you see “Ads.” You just need to create a custom mobile ad.

You can use these ads for your brand ads by Zip code, for your sphere campaign or for recruiting!

Use your phone to build your real estate flyers


Chances are that your smartphone isn’t far from you right now. And chances are even better that your smartphone is an iPhone. If so, you can use it to create real estate flyers without even going back to the office.

The Canva for iPhone and iPad lets you design truly on the fly. What you might lose in polish you’ll make up for in pure speed. And everyone knows, timing can play a big role when you’re listing a house!

So if you’re looking to do some DIY advertising, whether with flyers, digital ads, or social media banners, Canva is your best bet!

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