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November 7, 2023

Be Memorable Within Your Network

Stop missing out on revenue from within your sphere

Have you ever been at an event with family, friends or colleagues and heard, “I just sold my house”? No one likes hearing that and learning they missed out on an opportunity. To make it even worse, it was from someone within your sphere of influence.

Hard work goes into acquiring home buyers and keeping contacts warm until their time to sell comes. Missing out on business from warm leads is something you want to avoid at all costs. Sometimes, it just comes down to the fact that you weren’t top of mind.

Why your sphere of influence is important

Promoting yourself to your sphere and closest contacts is vital for real estate agents. According to the National Association of Realtors, 63 percent of sellers found their agent through a referral or used an agent they had worked with in the past.

In addition to simply promoting yourself and what you do, digital advertising provides a platform to update your network with what’s going on within your business. Maybe you’ve expanded your office or started selling in a new area. Maybe you changed brokerages and need to let your lists know. In addition to updates via mail or email, having ad placements on websites gives you another chance to share your news with those familiar to you.

There’s also a strong possibility that you aren’t the only agent they’ve come in contact with. Differentiating yourself through your promotion is also something to keep in mind and take advantage of. Through your communication strategy, you can market yourself in a way that sets you apart from other agents in your area.

You can use visuals and messaging that provides reasons why people would think of you when it comes time to sell their home or recommend you to their friends and family that are moving. Take this as an opportunity to promote the things that are important to you or your office. Shed light on your office’s values and initiatives that make it unique and stand apart from others.

Advertising to your sphere

Over the years, direct mail and email have been the way to directly get in front of those you know. While these forms of communication can be effective as part of a modern outreach strategy, there are simpler ways to stay top of mind.

95 percent of home buyers used an online website in their home search, according to NAR. So in addition to receiving emails, online platforms provide an opportunity for agents to stay in touch with their circles in an indirect way. Rather than having to pay for advertising on a single website, you can promote yourself on the websites that individuals in your sphere are specifically interested in.

If you want to take this a step further, it’s best to be mindful of who you’re promoting yourself to. It’s important to make an even more lasting impression by tailoring your message to your audience. Maybe you have your sphere divided into personal and professional categories. With your personal sphere you can present yourself in a bit more casual tone with your visuals and message, while promoting more of a polished and knowledgeable feel for those in your client and peer circles.

How Adwerx can help

While staying top of mind within your sphere of influence is important, it can be costly and time consuming on your own. Adwerx’s Sphere product, gives you the power to reach your contacts on their favorite websites and social media networks in minutes by easily uploading your contact list. Promoting yourself via digital ads reaches people in a passive and non-intrusive fashion and supports your other forms of outreach.

Have you ever left an event with a pocket full of business cards or have an inbox full of new inquiries? With Adwerx’s patent-pending Quick Adder™ tool, agents can now drop new contacts into their Sphere campaign in seconds. A best practice with meeting someone new is sending the “Nice to meet you” email. Right? By just adding your unique Sphere campaign address in the BCC line of the email, that person will now be included in your target audience.

With Adwerx’s Sphere product, build a strong familiarity with those in your contact lists and be the first one that comes to mind when it’s time to sell.

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