Put new leads into your digital campaign with this simple email trick

Stay in front of contacts with patent-pending Quick Adder™ tool for Custom Audience ads

Adwerx quick adder sphere campaign digital ad

It’s happened to you. You’re at a neighborhood party. Or a baby shower. Maybe a networking event. And someone hands you their business card because they’re interested in your professional services.

How do you stay top of mind with that new contact and potential lead?

If you’re an Adwerx customer, it’s easy. You simply email your own Custom Audience campaign with your Quick Adder address.

You’ll automatically add the contact to your digital ad campaign that will follow them around on Facebook, hundreds of websites, and in mobile apps, reminding them you’re the local expert they should talk to when the time comes.

Adwerx Quick Adder for Sphere Ad Campaigns

Staying in front of new leads has never been easier.

Custom Audience ads from Adwerx are already a smart and simple way to automate one of your nurture tactics. These digital ads remind people you already know that you’re their trusted professional and you already have a relationship.

Now as you meet new people, our patent-pending Quick Adder technology adds them to your existing campaign.  

How does it work?

Each Custom Audience campaign has a unique Quick Adder email address associated with it. You can find the address under the campaign details for your ad.

  1. Add the Quick Adder™ address for your campaign in the ‘To’ field of an email.
  2. Add your new contacts’ email addresses in the body of your email.
  3. Hit send, and those contacts will be automatically added to that ad campaign.

Quick Adder Pro Tips:

Use Quick Adder in the BCC: field of your emails.

Let’s say you decide to send an email to the potential lead you just met. Compose your email as usual but add your Quick Adder address in the ‘BCC’ field. The recipient(s) of your email will be added to your Custom Audience campaign.

Use Quick Adder in your calendar invites.

Add invitees to your calendar events to your Custom Audience campaign by inviting your Quick Adder address as well.

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