How to automate seller satisfaction with free digital listing ads.

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Automated Listing Ads for RE/MAX Affiliates

Take advantage of free digital listing advertising now through 12/31!

As a RE/MAX Affiliate, you deliver excellent service to your clients day in and day out, but you know as well as anyone, client satisfaction can be a full time job.

That’s why automated listing ads from RE/MAX and Adwerx are so powerful – they make marketing a listing online a breeze, but more importantly they have a profound effect on your sellers.

It’s the magical feeling they get when they actually see their ad on their favorite websites.

Imagine that you’ve listed a new property on Friday. Sunday morning, your client wakes up, makes a cup of coffee, and sits down with their iPad to read the news. They open an article on about their NFL team’s matchup that afternoon and BOOM – there’s their listing ad staring them in the face with your name attached. Immediately, they’re filled with a sense of confidence that their home is in good hands.

An automated listing ad is a consistent reminder to your seller that they’ve made the right choice in listing their home with you.

Because this program is powered by Adwerx, it’s simple to show the impact of your automated listing ad directly to your seller:

  1. Log in to your Adwerx account to get started.
  2. Scroll to your Listing ad
  3. Click “Send report to your client”
  4. Enter your seller’s email

Just by entering your seller’s email address, they’ll receive reports with stats on ad views, clicks, and most importantly, your name – reminding them that you’re going the extra mile to sell their house.

In the midst of the stress of selling their home, there’s no simpler way to give your seller peace of mind, thanks to RE/MAX and Adwerx Enterprise.

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