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Adwerx Helps Real Estate Firms Retain More Agents

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Brokers see 42% lower agent churn using Adwerx Enterprise Automation

Key Experiment Results

RealTrends Analysis reveals brokers who provide Adwerx Automation retain their agents at a higher rate


reduction in churn comparing agents who were highly engaged with Adwerx compared to agents who were not

*In a statistically significant study that examined more than 22,000 agents from various firms over a two year period, agents who engaged with the Adwerx Automation Platform from their brokers retained at a higher rate versus their peers.

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The rapid rise of Adwerx in the industry has been like nothing I’ve ever seen for a technology. As the average agent tenure spent at a firm continues to drop, it is more important than ever for these brokerages to step up and provide their agents with a differentiator. This very useful and important work by Adwerx shows that their service has a positive impact on retention, as agents realize the value and competitive advantage the Adwerx platform provides

Steve Murray
Senior Advisor, RealTrends

Why Adwerx Enterprise?

Successfully market your firm and your producers online with the power of our automated advertising platform. Adwerx is the real estate industry’s only solution proven to help agents win more listings and lower agent churn. Our packages help increase agent retention and improve recruiting efforts by simplifying your firm’s marketing and managing it for you.

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