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Outbound Sales Team Boosts Close Rate 25% with Adwerx

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Custom Audience Advertising Makes Sales Process More Efficient

Key Experiment Results

Tailored messaging to past clients, prospects and other key audiences from their database will help your producers land more deals.


Increase in demos booked


Increase in show rate


Increase in close rate

*Outbound Sales partner, in cooperation with Adwerx, tested whether FaceForward™ custom audience advertising targeted towards individual prospects could help improve the results of their outbound sales process. FaceForward is Adwerx’s unique approach to advertising that puts a face on every ad.

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This took no time or effort from my sales reps, and led to a double-digit lift in show rate for our appointments - which of course led to more revenue.

How does Custom Audience Advertising Work?

A unique feature of Adwerx is the proprietary FaceForward™ methodology that our ad templates are based on. This is an approach to advertising that puts a face on every ad, and is based on the principles of trust and empathy that drive consumer behavior. People recognize ads with a face twice as fast and are 11 times more likely to interact with them.

Getting started is easy:

  1. Our software creates digital ads featuring your producer’s name and photo
  2. We then display those ads everywhere that matters digitally
  3. This reaches new clients where they spend their time and keeps your producers top-of-mind when it matters

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