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June 20, 2024

Study Reveals 15% Lift in Productivity With Adwerx Custom Audience Advertising

A new study verified by HW Media reveals that producers in the “relationship sales” business can exponentially scale growth by engaging their personal networks through Adwerx.


Studies show that 92% of ads featuring a person’s face attracted more attention than non-face ads. This is the science behind Adwerx’s FaceForward™ advertising methodology that includes putting a person’s name and face on every digital brand ad. A new study from HW Media examined the effectiveness of this method when advertising directly to individuals in a salesperson’s network using Adwerx’s Custom Audience Advertising.

The Study

How does Adwerx Custom Audience advertising affect sales productivity? To answer that question, HW Media compared anonymized Adwerx performance data for producers who ran Adwerx Custom Audience advertising and producers who did not run this advertising. They then analyzed how their units of productivity changed.

  • The study included over 43,000 sales producers over a 3 year period
  • The results were deemed statistically significant
  • The sample of sales producers was geographically dispersed and from several brands and business models


productivity for sales producers using Adwerx Custom Audience ads


productivity for producers new to the business


Data from HW Media’s research overwhelmingly demonstrates that marketing to a CRM pays off in a huge way, regardless of industry. Sales organizations must seek new ways to boost productivity within their team. Reliance on a sales force to become marketing experts presents risks to both daily productivity and capitalization of business from each producer’s database. The data from the Adwerx study substantiates enough to prove that it is time for companies themselves to step in and support their teams by leveraging a service that does this automatically across the organization.

“A big takeaway is not just the use of Adwerx to follow up, but those producers who are committed to delivering a constant stream of messages to their database actually did achieve immediate rewards in higher productivity.”Steve Murray, REALTrends


The Adwerx Automated Advertising Platform seamlessly deploys FaceForward™ advertising for every Custom Audience campaign. Provide custom ad personalization at scale that showcases your sales producers’ faces, names, and contact info alongside your firm’s branding to help you and your producers achieve your growth goals.

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