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April 29, 2024

NEW FEATURE: Seller Email Frequency Controls

We’re rolling out a brand new feature that will provide additional functionality for real estate customers. Introducing: seller email frequency controls for listing ad campaigns.

Seller email frequency will be able to be controlled through the freshly updated Account Settings page. There are now two email variants:

  1. an introductory email
  2. a regular reporting email

You can choose to send or not send any of the emails, and can also choose between daily and weekly options for the reporting email. Users can also see examples of what the emails look like.

It’s important to note, these changes are saved at the account level. That is—the changes you make will apply to all of the listing ads on your account.

When Would You Decrease the Frequency?

There are very few times when this is necessary. This feature was created to help agents respond to sellers who say they would like fewer emails. While this is not our recommendation—read more below as to why—we’re always looking for ways to make the customer experience more accommodating.

Why We Don’t Recommend Decreasing the Frequency

Adding your seller’s email information to the listing ad campaign helps to ensure they see their home advertised online. And the less the seller emails get sent, the less likely it is that your seller sees their ad. When your seller “spontaneously” sees their own home advertised online, this provides what we refer to as a “magic moment”.

In this moment when they see their home, you’re building credibility and exceeding their expectations for delivering high-level digital marketing for their property.

With this excitement for the work you’re doing on their behalf, comes seller satisfaction and an increased chance of referrals, as proven in a T3 Sixty case study.

Agents have long known that a significant portion of marketing really goes to satisfy sellers…The fact that year-over-year listing performance improved as agents in the Adwerx program included their sellers’ email addresses on more campaigns, reinforces just this idea: sellers are happy when they see their home market-ed, which can lead to their referrals.The Impact of Automated Digital Listing Marketing on Real Estate Agent Listing Counts: An Adwerx Case Study, T3 Sixty, 2020

If you have any questions about seller emails, please contact our Customer Success team or reach out to your Account Manager.

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