Find your next superstar agent with targeted recruiting ads for brokers!

Recruiting ads for real estate brokers from Adwerx

We asked brokers, “What’s your biggest challenge right now?” And almost all said the same thing: their biggest challenge is recruiting new real estate agents.

And that got us thinking. We can help!

Adwerx launched ads for your sphere of influence to help each agent nurture the relationships that help drive over 60% of their business: their sphere of influence. They create an ad and upload a list of up to 5000 contacts. We show their ad to the people they already know, keeping them top of mind and reminding their network that this agent is the first stop for real estate.

But as a broker, you can use the same tool to reach the very agents you want to work with.

Adwerx CEO Jed Carlson explain recruiting in this how-to video:

It’s simple to create a recruiting campaign with ads for your sphere of influence:

  1. Create and upload your ad for web, mobile and Facebook
  2. Select a destination page with your career information
  3. Upload your list of agents

That’s it.

Your next superstar agent is out there. Go forth and recruit! Or share with your broker to help build your A-Team!

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