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November 7, 2023

Expand your Sphere advertising reach through brand new features

Imagine you have exactly $1 to advertise your business. Would you try to reach everyone in town, or would you target a specific list of past clients?

Most people, myself included, would recommend the second approach. Why? It’s simply more efficient to strengthen existing connections than create new ones. We often refer to this as targeting “your sphere” or custom audience targeting. Sphere targeting is a must-have in your marketing plan and now it’s better than ever.

With new B2B matching, sphere targeting is even more effective

Sphere targeting works by matching your contact list with people who are loading websites with available advertising spots. In a split second, your ad is matched with your audience and voila, it appears!

This “match rate” has historically been much more effective with a list of personal email addresses than with business email addresses. But now, all Adwerx sphere campaigns have an enhanced ability to match business emails.

What this means for you: campaigns with a high percentage of business emails will probably see an increase in ad views and reach more people in your audience.

Scale your sphere advertising with new plans for large lists

Recently we released new features to Sphere-targeted ads that improve efficiency for people with huge targeting lists, huge awareness goals, or both.

You can now upload up to 20,000 contacts and select from a wide range of plans to support your large list or increase your advertising coverage.

This means that if you have big plans for sphere targeting, it takes you a lot less time to set up and is much easier to manage. Simply decide how often you want each contact to see your ad and select the package that fits your list size. We do the math for you!

To try out these features for yourself, set up a sphere ad and create your perfect sphere targeting plan!

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