Exclusive staging secrets from HGTV’s David Bromstad

David Bromstad wants you to break the rules. We had an exclusive conversation with him in his hometown of Miami and seized the moment to pick his amazing designer brain, and he has some great guidance for real estate agents.

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House staging tradition dictates that real estate agents encourage sellers to depersonalize the property — make it as neutral as possible. But David says that’s a mistake. Sure, buyers should be able to picture themselves in the home, but you need to insert one element that makes it stand out for the buyer.

“They need to have a moment,” he told us.  “Don’t let them leave your house thinking it was boring!”

Creating a neutral canvas is still a good approach, David said, but not 100%. Work with your sellers to integrate one unique element that is memorable, so it stays with those buyers as they see house after house after house.

That one memorable element is almost like… a brand! And that’s something David thinks about, too. “My brand is still evolving,” he said, “and yours will, too.”

His advice is simple. “Don’t ever count yourself out of the best thing.”

And we count ourselves lucky to have the chance to chat with this creative thinker!

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  • reply Mary ,

    Hi David,Maybe you can help me,I’m decorating my bedroom the comforter is plum,navy and mint green print.I’m using a navy blue scarf on window and navy throw rug. What should I put over the bed,sheets are mint and walls white,Thanx so much for your input and expertise Mary

    • reply Lauren ,

      Hi Mary, we’ll try to get this message over to David. Thanks!

    • reply Mary Hasti ,

      Hi David, thx for the comments u gave us. Just want to say hi from Cokato. Have lived in AZ for years. We do sell real estate.

      • reply Lauren ,

        Mary, we’ll pass on the message!

      • reply Mary-Frances Larson ,

        Hi David, I’ve enjoyed watching your shows for years and now I need a bit of advice. I’m listing a 1930 ‘s Burbank, California “bunglow” that is very original (oak flooring, coved ceilings, arch doorways). It is being painted inside and out, very neutral whites and it needs some happiness. I have the fluffy spa towels and some touches but what are the best “happy” colors for Springtime I can bring to this home? My competition are all “flips” and are all white, grey, and chrome. This home is near all the Burbank studios and will likely sell to someone in the entertainment business. Your help and ideas are much appreciated. Thanks

        • reply Lauren ,

          Mary-Frances, we’ll pass on the question!

        • reply Yvonne Arnett ,

          Thanks for your advise about branding the home so clients will remember it. I’m a realtor and we hear so much about keeping the home neutral that your comments were like a breath of fresh air. Thanks again. PS: I’ve watched you from the beginning on HGTV, but haven’t seen you lately. You are missed. Yvonne

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