April 11, 2022

PRA & Company Realtors Expands its Digital Advertising Strategy with Adwerx

All producers at the firm will receive a personalized retargeting campaign that places a customized, FaceForward™ ad in front of every website visitor

April 11, 2022 – PRA & Company Realtors is making a promise to provide the best in digital advertising technology by implementing Adwerx to power website retargeting for every producer. Once a prospect visits the producer’s website, custom branded ads featuring the company and the producer accompany them throughout their online journey. This impactful technology elevates the producer’s profile by optimizing visibility and keeping them top-of-mind with potential clients.

With this new service, these FaceForward™ digital ads appear on popular websites including CNN and ESPN, as well as local news outlets and social media sites. The way FaceForward™ Advertising works is by merging personalized data and images of the ‘local’ company representative into the brand advertising for the firm. The result is that every representative is being personally advertised in their market automatically.

“PRA & Company Realtors is committed to investing in the latest technology to ensure our producers are staying top-of-mind with everyone who visits their website,” said Paul Atkinson, Broker/CEO at PRA & Company Realtors. “Adwerx provides a seamless solution to do this with retargeting technology that delivers messaging to potential clients and referral networks.”

Research shows that retargeting recaptures the interest of prospects. When shown an ad after visiting a website and leaving without action, 43% of website visitors (potential clients) are more likely to convert as a result of online retargeting ads that follow their online behavior.

Adwerx makes digital advertising easily accessible and effective for companies and their producers by providing ads that use industry best practices and are set up automatically, ultimately boosting the productivity of top performers. To learn more visit

About PRA & Company Realtors

PRA & Company Realtors is driven to provide complete customer satisfaction. We consistently maintain the optimum readiness with technology, staffing, management teams, and resources to fulfill our clients’ needs.

Our mission is to succeed at achieving the customer’s objectives while building long-lasting relationships that can be passed on for generations to come. That is why our real estate services are built upon a tradition of persistence, dedication, unrivaled property knowledge, and a winning team spirit.

About Adwerx

Adwerx provides Customer Relationship Advertising™ to over 500 enterprises and more than 400,000 sales producers. The platform provides personalized advertising at scale for distributed sales teams across real estate, mortgage, wealth management, financial services, independent software vendors, or any other sales organization that could benefit from humanizing their brand and keeping their sales producers top of mind, all the time, with the right audience. Ad templates are created using a FaceForwardTM method – an approach to advertising that puts the company’s local salesperson or agent on every ad and is based on the psychological principles of trust and empathy that drive human behavior.
Adwerx targets these customized ads programmatically to the salesperson’s specific list of prospects or clients across popular websites, Facebook and Instagram, mobile apps, and streaming TV –  increasing brand visibility, boosting productivity by 15%, and reducing turnover by 42%. Learn more at

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