June 9, 2021

FINCO Lending, Inc. Expands Technology Footprint With The Adwerx Automation Platform

Tech-driven mortgage firm launches Adwerx as a digital way to deliver the human factor that drives the lending experience

FINCO Lending, Inc., a mortgage lender based in Trevose, PA, prides itself on being “a technology company that lends”. Today they doubled down on that concept with their launch of the Adwerx platform. Adwerx automates personalized advertising for all loan officers at a firm, targeting home buyers and real estate agents on premium websites, social media, and streaming television in their local markets. This streamlines a complicated and time-consuming marketing process for loan officers, allowing them to use their time on high-value activities like guiding clients through the mortgage process.

By implementing this new automation, FINCO gives a snapshot of where the mortgage industry is headed. Traditional firms are facing stiff competition from the “new school” of mortgage lenders like FINCO. Through technology, they can help their lenders and borrowers navigate complicated processes that have increasingly gone digital, as well as help their loan officers focus on client service.

“We’re dedicated to creating the most advanced ecosystem to address the needs of borrowers,” said Robert Sherman, CEO of FINCO. “Adwerx’s automated advertising platform is another step toward the future, enabling our loan officers to focus on providing a seamless client service while growing their businesses and personal brands”.

Adwerx is seeing a spike in adoption from mortgage firms as they’ve worked to include a compliance firewall in their platform. Compliance issues have traditionally kept mortgage companies out of advertising automation, but Adwerx gives firms the ability for final approval as well as a way to automate their internal compliance process. Additionally, all ad templates are built with a firm’s marketing team to be brand compliant.

By automating digital advertising at scale, FINCO is building brand awareness for their firm and each individual loan officer online, ultimately increasing productivity for their loan officers. These campaigns launch for every loan officer automatically across social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and premium websites visited by potential clients. Adwerx provides the only solution designed specifically for mortgage, enabling loan officers to reach home buyers directly, while also staying top-of-mind with their referral networks.

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About FINCO Lending, Inc.

At FINCO, we are not just another mortgage company: we are a technology company that lends.

Our goal is to simplify and streamline the process for both lender and borrower. Both parties should be able to communicate with one another faster. We have set up processes to minimize human error. We have built these systems based on not only our knowledge of the lending industry but also our experience addressing the needs of thousands of borrowers. Rest assured that we do have our priorities in place: though we have built a large IT infrastructure, we still do believe in the human factor to ultimately drive the lending experience.

About Adwerx

Used by over 25% of the top brokerage firms and over 15% of the top mortgage originators in the U.S., Adwerx delivers personalized, omnichannel brand marketing and automation at enterprise scale. Adwerx customers are able to deliver customized ads programmatically across streaming TV, popular websites, Facebook and Instagram, and mobile apps, while driving growth through digital marketing automation that increases brand visibility, boosts productivity by 35 percent and reduces turnover by 42 percent.

Adwerx works across the U.S., Canada, and Australia. Learn more about Brilliantly Simple Digital Advertising at

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