February 8, 2021

“Brilliantly Simple”: Levitate, Adwerx Master Top-of-Mind Marketing for Small Businesses

Integration combines personal email and digital advertising solution tailor-made for small businesses

For two North Carolina-based companies, there’s a simple reason their small business clients are so successful:  People remember them.

Levitate, the keep-in-touch marketing platform started by former ShareFile founder Jesse Lipson, joined forces with Adwerx, a localized digital advertising platform for over 200,000 producers and businesses, to make staying top of mind easier than ever.  The combination of Levitate’s pioneering take on personal email for business with Adwerx’s intuitive, hyper-localized digital advertising campaigns delivers a one-two punch for relationship-based business marketing.

“Marketing is a stressful prospect for small businesses—expensive, time-consuming, complicated,” said Jesse Lipson, CEO of Levitate. “We share Adwerx’s mission to empower small businesses to compete, not by outspending their competitors but by playing to their advantages—authentic, personal email through Levitate and smarter, localized advertising with Adwerx. ‘Brilliantly simple’ stuff, as our partners put it.”

With the one-click integration, joint Adwerx and Levitate clients can keep their Adwerx campaign targets in sync with their Levitate contact lists.  As users send emails through Levitate to their customers, prospects, and referral sources, the new integration will automatically add new contacts to Adwerx custom audience campaigns, ensuring ads will always reach clients’ growing network.  Adwerx delivers personalized ads across a mix of channels, including Facebook, mobile apps, and premium websites such as Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and ESPN.

“Being ultra-successful at relationship sales means staying top of mind, all the time, with your sphere of influence. It’s how you win the business and the referrals,” said Jed Carlson, CEO of Adwerx. “Combining the power of Adwerx and Levitate means they’ll actually read your emails and then be followed around the internet with your face, name, and contact info as further reminders that you are their service provider.  If there were a gold medal for top-of-mind marketing, this would win it.”

The Levitate and Adwerx integration will be available to customers of both services on February 8, 2021.

About Levitate

Levitate is a marketing software platform designed to help small businesses grow through the lost art of keeping in touch.  Levitate founder Jesse Lipson previously built ShareFile (acquired by Citrix in 2011), a secure file sharing system that serves thousands of customers around the world.  Since their 2017 start, Levitate’s Raleigh, North Carolina-based team has brought a pioneering approach to scaling personal email and driving revenue to small business clients across the financial, real estate, insurance, and legal markets.  For more information, visit

About Adwerx

Used by over 25% of the top brokerage firms and over 15% of the top mortgage originators in the U.S., Adwerx delivers personalized, omnichannel brand marketing and automation at enterprise scale. Adwerx customers are able to deliver customized ads programmatically across streaming TV, popular websites, Facebook and Instagram, and mobile apps, while driving growth through digital marketing automation that increases brand visibility, boosts productivity by 35 percent and reduces turnover by 42 percent.

Adwerx works across the U.S., Canada, and Australia. Learn more about Brilliantly Simple Digital Advertising at

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