April 24, 2024

Adwerx Launches Digital Out-of-Home Advertising Solution for Real Estate and Mortgage

Adwerx Launches Digital Out-of-Home Advertising Solution for Real Estate and Mortgage 

First-of-its-kind offering enables advertisers to reach beyond personal screens and engage potential customers in the physical world

Durham, NC, April 24, 2024 – Adwerx, a leading provider of automated digital advertising solutions, announces the launch of its innovative Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising product, designed to help Real Estate and Mortgage professionals capture the attention of audiences on the go. Seamlessly integrated into Adwerx’s platform, this cutting-edge solution marks the first time an ad platform focused on the Real Estate and Mortgage industries has offered automated DOOH capabilities,  providing professionals in these industries an unprecedented opportunity to captivate local audiences with dynamic, targeted advertising.

Digital Out-of-Home advertising is the tech-savvy counterpart to traditional billboard advertising, offering ads displayed to viewers outside their homes. It encompasses a variety of formats, including digital billboards, and screens in malls, gyms, restaurants, pharmacies, offices, and more, strategically placed in high-traffic areas to optimize visibility and engagement. 

Key Benefits of Digital Out-of-Home Advertising with Adwerx:

  • Hyper-local Targeting: With zip code-level precision, professionals can directly target potential clients in specific areas, making every advertising dollar count.
  • High Visibility: Leveraging locations with high foot traffic ensures that advertisements are seen by a large audience, increasing brand awareness and recall.
  • Measurable Impact: DOOH advertising with Adwerx includes analytics showcasing views of the ad placements, allowing advertisers to understand the scale of their campaigns.
  • Easy Execution: Integrated into Adwerx’s platform and with access to targeting data and pre-made ad templates, advertisers can build and launch their DOOH ads through self-service tools or with the help of an Adwerx advisor. 

“Our mission at Adwerx has always been to democratize digital advertising, making it accessible, simple, and effective for our customers,” said Michael Collins, CEO of Adwerx. “By introducing Digital Out-of-Home into our media mix, we’re opening new channels for our clients to stand out in their local markets, enhancing their visibility and driving real results.”

When combined with Adwerx’s existing suite of solutions, this innovative offering is poised to transform how real estate and mortgage professionals connect with their communities, providing the ability to build their brands and nurture customers both online and offline. For more information on how to take advantage of Digital Out-of-Home advertising with Adwerx, visit our website

About Adwerx

Adwerx is an industry-leading digital advertising automation platform that provides personalized, hyper-targeted, and fully automated digital advertising solutions for real estate and mortgage companies. Scalable for businesses of any size, Adwerx executes advertising with the power needed for large enterprises and the simplicity expected for an individual.

As a trusted partner to thousands of real estate and mortgage firms and their top producers, Adwerx enables its customers to stay ahead of the competition by reaching new audiences and nurturing existing relationships. For more information about Adwerx and its suite of digital advertising solutions, visit

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