February 10, 2016

Adwerx launches ads to help real estate agents market to their sphere of influence

On your very first day as a real estate agent, you are told to start building your network.

So you start with the people you already know: friends and family. Friends of family. Family of friends. Former co-workers. Book club members. Yoga class friends.

They are part of of your sphere of influence. And as you grow your business, you grow your sphere. And that sphere will continue to drive over 66%* of your business with repeat business and referrals.

But you have a lot to do as an agent. You’re prospecting for new clients. You’re marketing your listings. You’re comforting your client during their most nerve-wracking investment. You’re being an amazing real estate agent. Staying in touch with your sphere takes time away from all those activities.

Adwerx digital advertising tools have helped over 25,000 real estate agents build brand awareness in their target zip codes. Now Adwerx has launched new sphere advertising ads to help you stay top of mind with the people that drive your business the most. Read our press release.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to and enter your name
  2. Configure your ad with your logo, tagline and phone number
  3. Upload a list of your sphere contacts
  4. Launch your campaign!

Real estate thought leaders on why your sphere of influence matters

Many agents use marketing automation tools to help them stay in touch with their sphere. From email newsletters to postcards to gifts and events, the purpose is to stay top of mind in the event that any of those people find they either need a real estate agent or know someone who does.

And you want to be that agent.

“Adwerx Sphere ads are a great solution to the challenge of having to ask for referrals,” said New Jersey agent Mark Slade. “The ads allow you to indirectly, very passively, get in front of people that you do know, and make them aware you’re around and in business.”

Agent Scott Lincicome agrees that sphere marketing is important but often neglected. “You don’t have to do a lot to it, except stay in contact with your sphere. I think that’s where a lot of real estate agents have a tough time: continuing to engage with their sphere.”

But digital ads are an easier and affordable way for agents to stay in touch. They are passive, gentle reminders to the people who already know you. The ads will show up on a web site or in their Facebook feed about once a day.

Split your list. Customize your message.

Adwerx Sphere ads are a great solution to the challenge of having to ask for referrals.

If you are using a CRM like Top Producer or Market Leader, you know how segmenting your list can be a powerful way to customize your message. It may depend on how you actually define your sphere.

Agent Nikki Beauchamp defines her sphere as “everyone from my immediate social circle, such as people that I went to school with — literally from elementary school through college. And past colleagues.” From these different parts of her life, Nikki forms her sphere.

They are, at their core, the people that I know and love and who love me that I may or may not have done a transaction with. Then there are the people that I might have done transactions with who then become part of that greater sphere.”

Your segments may look like this:

  • Empty nesters who will be downsizing.
  • Young families who are looking for larger homes.
  • Corporate relocation managers for local businesses.

Or maybe your segments look like this:

  • A = top tier referrers, will always pick up the phone when you call
  • B = close contacts you can nurture into A
  • C = people you should get to know better to move into B and A

You could use one list but deliver specific messages, such as:

  • Promote downloadable market reports
  • Share seasonal messages and greetings
  • Announce local awards and honors

Stay top of mind without getting in their hair

With other “touch” methods, it’s a challenge just to be heard. For example, if you send email, be prepared for not even 20% of your list to open it.

Speaker and real estate tech expert Jeff Lobb agrees. “A lot of times, we’re trying to fight to get in their door, or we’re trying to fight to get in their mailbox. At the end of the day, that’s digital junk mail,” he said. “Simply go where they are. Let’s get in front of them on their mobile device. Let’s get in front of them on their social platforms. Be where they go.”

Adwerx sphere ads make staying in touch with your network — the people that will help you build a strong real estate business — easy and affordable.

* Per NAR 2015 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 42% of sellers who used a real estate agent found their agents through a referral by friends or family, and 24% used the agent they previously worked with to buy or sell a home. That means over 66% of your business comes from your sphere of influence.

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