July 26, 2023

Adwerx Empowers Top Producers With Highly-Effective Digital Branding & Nurture Campaigns

Newly launched Top Performer Packages provide high producing real estate and mortgage professionals with enhanced advertising techniques

DURHAM, N.C., July 26, 2023 - Adwerx, the preferred digital advertising platform to hundreds of the nation’s top real estate and mortgage companies, announces the launch of its Top Performer Packages, a solution designed specifically with leading professionals in mind to increase their productivity and scale efficiency. 

Based on insights gathered from over a decade of working with many of the top real estate agents and mortgage originators in the U.S., the new packages are specifically designed to meet the needs of top producers, providing an ideal mix of brand building to help maintain their leadership positions and nurture campaigns to engage their key referral sources. 

“Adwerx has been helping individuals and enterprises grow their businesses for years,” said Michael Collins, CEO of Adwerx. “Savvy top producers were already purchasing from our suite of services to run brand and nurture campaigns, but we really needed a one-stop, strategic solution that did this for them. Using our proven technology, we developed an integrated ad strategy for top performing professionals that comes with dedicated onboarding, enhanced ad templates and reporting and a committed Premier Support team.”

These innovative packages empower top agents, loan officers, and other market leaders to expand their advertising strategies with easy-to-execute, pre-built campaigns that run on the most widely viewed websites, mobile apps, social media platforms and Streaming TV networks.

  • Nurture: Because up to 75% of business comes from repeat clients and referrals, packages keep producers consistently engaged with their Sphere of Influence.
  • Engage: Research suggests a consumer needs to see an ad 7-8 times before it resonates. Packages include a minimum of 50,000 impressions per month to establish the producer as the go-to resource for real estate or mortgage lending.
  • Innovate: Traditionally, TV advertising has only been used by the world’s biggest brands, due to the high costs associated. With Adwerx, Top Performers can now target qualified prospects directly with personalized commercials on streaming TV services, giving them unprecedented access to premium TV as a marketing channel.
  • Scale efficiency: Adwerx streamlines a complicated and time-consuming marketing process, allowing agents and loan officers to focus their time on high-value activities like guiding clients through the transaction.

“Working with Adwerx has been a game changer,” said Aimee Siers, Realtor at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Commonwealth Real Estate. “Through Adwerx, I not only promote my listings but also increase my online brand awareness. Adwerx gives me the ability to reach my sphere and market to my key neighborhoods by delivering my message on all the important online channels. Adwerx is the perfect solution for any busy top producing agent who needs to build their online presence.”

"We are committed to helping our clients establish trust, build credibility and become leaders in their respective markets," added Collins. "Our Top Performer Packages empower real estate and mortgage professionals to elevate their advertising game and achieve exceptional results."

To learn more about Adwerx's Top Performer Packages and how they can enhance your advertising strategy, visit

About Adwerx

Adwerx is an industry-leading digital advertising automation platform that provides personalized, hyper-targeted, and fully-automated digital advertising solutions for real estate and mortgage companies. Scalable for businesses of any size, Adwerx executes advertising with the power needed for large enterprises and the simplicity expected for an individual agent.

As a trusted partner to thousands of real estate and mortgage firms and their top producers, Adwerx enables its customers to stay ahead of the competition by reaching new audiences and nurturing existing relationships.  For more information about Adwerx and its suite of digital advertising solutions, visit

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