August 28, 2020

Adwerx Automated Advertising Platform Customer Spotlight

Jan Brito


8 months using the Adwerx Automated Advertising Platform

Bring us back to the day you decided to purchase the top producer platform. What were you hoping to accomplish?

I was using another service that was similar but not quite as robust as what Adwerx had to offer. I knew it was important to compete digitally, especially in our current environment, so I put all of my effort into digital but I needed to see what else was out there. Adwerx seemed to offer everything I needed to stay in front of my audiences. Streaming TV was a huge part of my decision to use Adwerx.

What are your thoughts today?

I love telling prospective sellers that I can advertise their property on streaming TV channels. I’ve used this in two listings so far, and won them both. In the middle of a pandemic, I’m having my best year ever, and it’s mostly from referrals and past clients. I started using Adwerx earlier this year, and while it can be hard to measure digital this doesn’t seem like a coincidence. I recently won a $2M listing because of my technology offerings, and got a referral out of it as well. On top of that, the Adwerx team was great through my onboarding, and offers quarterly reviews to go over my marketing strategy. I would recommend the Adwerx Platform to anyone looking to expand their digital presence.

The Adwerx Automated Advertising Platform for top producers launched earlier this year for real estate agents, mortgage lending officers, wealth managers, insurance agents, and franchise owners, giving customers a customized, omnichannel marketing platform tailored to their distinct branding needs. A dedicated account representative is assigned to each producer, and acts as a concierge to help build the perfect marketing mix, custom-fit to the needs of each individual, including hyper-local display ads and personalized streaming TV commercials. The program has seen widespread adoption among producers at some of the country’s largest real estate and mortgage lending firms.

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