ROI of Adding Your Seller’s Email

Win more referrals by showcasing your marketing efforts to your seller

Adding your seller’s information to your Adwerx campaign is easy and secure. It’s an easy way to satisfy your seller and has real ROI!

Increased productivity over other agents using Adwerx:

  • +7.1% YoY listing count for rising agents
  • +10 listings for top producers

“Adwerx users are leaving listings on the table when they do not include seller email addresses in the campaigns.”

T3 Sixty

Benefits of adding seller info:

  • You win more referrals
  • Your marketing expertise and performance highlighted
  • Your seller experiences a “magic moment” when they see their home advertised online

Setup is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Log into your Adwerx account through your portal
  2. Find the campaign for your listing and add your seller’s name and email address
  3. Your seller will be amazed when they see their own home as they browse online and receive daily campaign reporting

Information is private and secure:

We will only use your seller’s contact info to show them their home’s ad online and to send them reporting for the ad (how many times the ad has been shown and clicked on).

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