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Landing pages for real estate agents postaprop

Kevin Wall wants to get you leads. He’s the founder of, and helping real estate agents is at the core of their mission.

Kevin started with a company called, using a term that refers to landing pages. Landing pages are a specific kind of web page: they are meant to capture information and convert. More than informational, landing pages are very specific in their calls to action: Sign up. Register. Call now.

And they are a key part of any marketing strategy, in particular for real estate agents. Kevin got so many requests from agents who were using his squeeze pages, he built a platform just for them.

This product helps agents easily create unique landing pages as well as individual property listing pages. The annual subscription also includes email marketing tools. And digital ads are the missing link. That’s where Adwerx digital advertising comes into play.

“I’m a big fan of Adwerx,” said Kevin. “But I think agents could be doing a better job of using the ads.” Kevin explored how Adwerx brand awareness ads could be tweaked for lead generation in his own blog post.

He says lead generation is all about where you send your traffic. “Home pages aren’t designed to capture leads. Home pages are informational. But if you use a brand awareness ad, you should have something to let users do when they get to your site.” And that’s where a landing page comes in.

Post-a-prop landing pages
Sample landing pages from

Kevin had some helpful tips to share with real estate agents, helping them do more with digital ads and landing pages to create more leads.

1. Get specific with your ad and your landing page

One size ad does not fit all. If your ad is generic, and doesn’t speak to anyone, no one will respond. This is where it helps to know your unique selling position (for more on this, please read our post, “Brand Building Basics for Real Estate.”)

Your USP is what differentiates you from the competition. Maybe it’s a specific neighborhood. Maybe it’s working with first time buyers. Make your message and your value proposition clear on your ad.

Once you put that message out on your ad, be sure your landing page continues the conversation. Which brings us to Tip #2.

2. One page = one message

The very specific message you created on your digital ad should carry through on your landing page. A landing page isn’t where you tell your entire life story and highlight all your listings. A landing page has a targeted purpose: a listing, a neighborhood or even a specific town.

Your photos and your copy should all support that singular focus.

3. Offer value or benefit

Keep in mind, people consume advertising with one thought, “What’s in it for me?” Answer that question as quickly as you can with something of value: a downloadable market report. A home value assessment. A newsletter with tips on buying and selling in your area.

4. Get the message across with a headline

It’s great to offer something of value, but only if you are able to communicate it quickly on your ad and landing page. Writing copy that is benefit-driven (answers the question from Tip #3) and short enough to be a fast read is a true challenge. Numbers are effective. Adjectives are astoundingly powerful. Here are ideas:

“10 Open House Tricks That’ll Make Visitors Fall in Love with Your Home.”

“7 Facts You Need to Sell Your Home in Anytown.”

5. Let your page breathe

It’s tempting to fill your page with multiple links and information capture forms. But keep it simple. Don’t litter it with photos and videos and long paragraphs of copy. Make it clear what you want your visitors to do.

Of course, can simplify many of these tips with their platform. No coding skills needed. No design background required. Kevin Wall is confident his product is ready to help. In fact, he offers a free guide for agents to download.

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