How Kevin Johnson made over $100k in his first 90-days as a REALTOR®

Kevin Johnson, the real estate agent who shut the door on open houses and uses adwerx advertising

Orlando, Florida agent Kevin Johnson has only been selling residential real estate since August 2014. But in May 2016, he will surpass over $500k in gross commissions.

How did he do it?

He described his background and his approach to building his real estate brand in a recent post on Active Rain and even created a book about it.

The first thing he did was hire a website designer to design and launch a website. Kevin spent $1500 and hired to develop a website with hyper-local content. He would then update that with regular, original content that was relevant to his target audience.

Kevin wrote blogs and shared them on social media pushing traffic back to his website. He watched as many YouTube tutorials as he could on how to write great web content. This identified what users would like and that Google would love. He installed Google Analytics for free on his website so that he could track his traffic. Then he could see which pages on his website were not engaging visitors so he could change them or get rid of them. The result is that his website now gets an average of nearly 300-unique visitors a day from his local area and around the world.

Read Kevin’s full post here.

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