Arbor Real Estate Joins Forces with Adwerx to Promote the Personal Brand of Every Agent

Real estate firm commits to staying at the forefront of technology with automated online listing ads, retargeting, and streaming TV campaigns

November 8, 2022 – Arbor Real Estate launches Adwerx Advertising Automation to power digital brand ads for each of its sales offices. The firm is now automating online ads for newly listed properties, plus custom retargeting campaigns for every agent. Additionally, agents have the ability to run local, personalized streaming TV commercials. 

As a progressive real estate firm, Arbor Real Estate prides itself on being technologically advanced, while also focusing on the establishment and growth of its agents. Now, the company will provide Adwerx’s fully automated solution that has been proven to impress sellers and help agents win 35% more listings.  

Campaigns featuring the agent and the firm’s branding run automatically across Facebook and Instagram, as well as premium websites. These best practice digital brand ads allow agents to reach potential home buyers and sellers directly, and also stay top-of-mind with their referral networks. In collaboration with the Adwerx team, firms create a brand-compliant ad template, ensuring that every ad meets the firm’s brand standards. 

All Arbor Real Estate agents also receive access to a pre-made inventory of custom, personal brand ads through a self-service portal that they can run individually, complementing their automated campaigns. As a part of this portal, agents can target qualified prospects directly with personalized commercials on streaming TV services, giving them unprecedented access to TV as a marketing channel with custom targeting at an affordable price point. 

“Arbor Real Estate is committed to investing in the latest technology to ensure our agents can build their brands and win more listings,” said Kristin Barry, Managing Broker at Arbor Real Estate. “The Adwerx solution provides our agents with a brand building and exposure tool that cuts out all of the manual effort required to have a digital marketing presence.” 

It is essential for both agents and brokers to use digital advertising to stay at the forefront of today’s competitive real estate market. Adwerx delivers comprehensive digital advertising strategies that are easy to create and deploy, while enabling brokerage leaders to recruit and retain top talent. With a service that is simple and efficient, agents can focus on the human relationships that build business. 

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About Arbor Real Estate 

Based in Newport Beach and serving clients throughout Coastal Orange County, Arbor Real Estate represents a revolution in the luxury real estate market. Here, a select team of high-performance real estate professionals have created a client-centered, digitally-powered brokerage intentionally designed to be small-scale, entrepreneurial, nimble, and – ultimately – better for its clients, agents and the community.

About Adwerx

Adwerx delivers personalized digital advertising for more than 500 enterprises and 400,000 individual customers. Scalable for real estate and mortgage firms of any size, Adwerx enables brokerages to deliver completely frictionless, strategic services to their agents and loan officers while boosting their brand, and increasing retention and productivity.

The customized ads feature brokerage branding, the producers’ headshots and contact information, and appear across popular websites, Facebook and Instagram, mobile apps, and streaming TV.

Adwerx’s platform is fully automated, always-on, and requires no additional work from the firm or the producer. This helps keep existing agents and loan officers happy while making it easier for brokerage leaders to recruit new talent with a service that works to help grow their businesses. Learn more at

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