Adwerx mobile advertising for real estate is here! [Infographic]

Mobile is growing faster than any other advertising channel. And what’s really intriguing is that mobile’s growth hasn’t meant any loss to desktop usage. So users are simply adding mobile to their technology use. Mobile use tends to be task-specific, with users consuming photos, maps, weather and games, while they are using desktops and laptops for content like multimedia, portals and business/finance software.

Real estate agents are paying close attention. And Adwerx has helped over 20,000 real estate agents do digital marketing the right way, with brilliantly simple campaigns for listings or personal brands that target local prospects where they are online. And now, we are helping them (and you!) make sure mobile is part of that plan.

How do we know mobile is a must-have channel for real estate agents? Let’s break it down.


Adwerx for real estate on why mobile matters for real estate: 90% of people use the web when searching for homes; 50% use a mobile app or site in searching for homes and 70% of people hire the first agent they talk to.

As with our desktop marketing product, set up is easy. In about two minutes, you can have a mobile campaign that starts as low as $99 a month. Promote your special listing. Create brand awareness for your brokerage. Whatever message you have, put in front of the right people at the right time: folks in your area who are just starting to think about selling or buying a home.

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  • reply Helen Chong ,

    The mobile app will really give many real estate business owners an easy way to reach so many people. Mobile apps are a latest trend now days to simplify all problems.

    • reply ,

      Absolutely Helen. Almost half of people’s time is spent online in mobile apps!

    • reply 843, REALTOR ,

      Can my Myrtle Beach Real Estate Companies website ( benefit from a $99 mobile advertising program?
      I like to advertise using different keywords like Myrtle Beach Real Estate Agents or Myrtle Beach REALTORS, does that mean I need to pay for different advertising campaigns or would these keywords be under the same $99 campaign?

      If I use 2 website landing pages or do I need 2 different campaigns?

      • reply Lauren Walker ,

        Hi John, the short answer is yes, your site benefit from a mobile campaign. Specifically because mobile ads are shown to anyone whose device is in the zip code and not tied to the IP of the computer. That means all the folks visiting beautiful Myrtle Beach, and using mobile apps while they are there, would see your ads. And you know they are all dreaming of owning a beach house or moving to the coast, right? 🙂 And to your second question, each destination page would need its own campaign if you want to run them at the same time. But you can swap your destination pages at any time in your campaign if you want to use one ad only. Hope this helped!

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