Adwerx Introduces Customer Relationship Advertising™

CRA™ keeps your salespeople top of mind all the time with their prospects, clients, and referral networks resulting in increased engagement, conversion, booking rates, and referrals

Adwerx, a leading provider of automated, hyperlocal, and personalized digital advertising, today announced the launch of Customer Relationship Advertising™. The Adwerx CRA™ software seamlessly integrates with your existing CRM platform to automatically generate personalized digital ads for each of your salespeople. The personalized ads then begin to “follow” each salesperson’s specific list of current clients and prospects (pulled from the CRM) as they browse the web and social media – keeping the salesperson top of mind all the time with the people that matter most to their business.  

“Customer Relationship Advertising™ is rooted in a really simple idea: people buy from people,” said Jed Carlson, CEO of Adwerx. “You wouldn’t send an email from your salesperson without a personalized signature, so why would you do that with your advertising? CRA is the logical complement to your CRM, and marketers will love it because it’s fully automated and doesn’t rely on the salesperson to remember to do anything.” 

Sales organizations, and the marketers who support them, face a common challenge of how to keep their salespeople top of mind with their prospects and clients.  Email marketing, social media, and traveling to conferences are just a few of the tools utilized. Customer Relationship Advertising™ from Adwerx is the next step. It’s a set-it-and-forget-it software that runs 24/7, is affordable, easy to onboard, and is highly effective – proven to drive a 29% lift in meetings booked with prospects and a 25% increase in the closing rate on new business.

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About Adwerx

Adwerx delivers Advertising Automation as a Service for over 300 enterprises and over 250,000 individual customers. Always at the forefront of digital advertising best practices, Adwerx specializes in providing personalized advertising at scale for distributed sales teams across real estate, mortgage, wealth management, financial services, and beyond. Their ad templates are created using their unique FaceForwardTM advertising methodology, an approach to advertising that puts the company’s local salesperson on every ad, and is based on the psychological principles of trust and empathy that drive consumer behavior. 

Using Adwerx, customers deliver these customized ads programmatically across streaming TV, popular websites, Facebook and Instagram, and mobile apps, while driving growth through digital advertising automation that increases brand visibility, boosts productivity by 15%, and reduces turnover by 42%. Learn more at

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