3 Steps to Eye-Catching Listings and Happier Sellers

How much would you guess it cost to stage these rooms?

If you guessed $50, you’d still be a little high.

See, before the magic of technology, here’s what these rooms looked like:

Living spaces virtually staged by BoxBrownie

Here at Adwerx, we’re big fans of using technology to supplement the skills you’re providing your sellers every day. Our Ads for Listings can help you show off your listings to folks who are interested in real estate local to your listings, but how do you make them stand out in a crowded social feed or webpage?

Enter: BoxBrownie.com.

This Aussie-based & globally beloved tech company has solved for many of the issues that have plagued real estate agents for decades.

Have you ever hired a photographer but were dissatisfied with the end result?

Have you ever had a client who wouldn’t (or couldn’t!) move their clutter before you took the photos for your listing?

Has your hero shot ever been taken on a cloudy day?

These are pains the team at BoxBrownie.com knew all too well, so they decided to fix them.

Here’s Brad Filliponi, a seasoned real estate photographer and one of the founders of BoxBrownie.com, to tell you more about all the ways they can make your listing shine:

Okay, so the technology is cool, but how can you use it to WOW your seller?

Simply follow this 3-step guide and you’ll be on your way to impressing client after client with your marketing prowess.

Your 3-part recipe to promoting your listings to wow your seller:

  1. Take some images of your newly-won listing. Your phone will work fine, but the higher the quality the better the listing will look!
  2. Head over to boxbrownie.com and have them breathe new and incredible life into those photos
  3. Start up your Adwerx Listing Ad and enter your seller’s information so they’ll be targeted with your newly remastered images.

Your seller won’t know their house could look that good. Just be sure the listings you’re showing them look just as good as the one you’re selling for them!

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