Miss the Mark on Your Q1 Goals? Try These Tips to Stay on Track in Q2

It’s hard to believe, but the first quarter of 2018 is already behind us. 

Maybe you didn’t quite have the start to the year you hoped for. We get it, the first part of every real estate sales year can be tough for agents. The majority of it takes place in winter, when sales are slower and the closings don’t always stack up. This makes it tough to stay in shape for the spring sprint.

We understand that the business is up and down and have a few suggestions on what to do if you’re not confident your first three months’ performance will lead to the year you had planned back on January 1.

Avoid Lead Chasing

Yes, new leads are fundamental to continued success throughout the year, and we never suggest you forget about new leads. However, time spent trying to convert them can dilute efforts to nail short-term quarterly goals, especially when it can mean making a significant step towards your annual goal.  
Adwerx is all about making marketing easy and automated. The less friction between your audience and your brand experience, the less time it takes you to convert them to clients. Digital display ads are terrific tools for staying in front of prospects with minimal effort, especially when connected to drip marketing campaigns, auto-response messaging, and other forms of online outreach.

Take Control

There are plenty of good reasons why slogans and industry clichés about deals “not being done until they’re done” decorate the walls of real estate offices across the country. In short, it’s really easy for deals to come apart. And one of the most common reasons is that there is often too many stakeholders either trying to steer the ship or asleep at the helm.
If getting a deal done will mean achieving your quarterly goals, you have to lead the deal. Make the uncomfortable call. Tell people what you need and when. Hold inspectors, lenders, buyers, and sellers accountable for their tasks. It takes a number of professionals to get a real estate deal done, but only one person to lead them.

Look to the past

Look back at what marketing efforts led to the most efficient sales in the first quarter, and emulate those tactics.
Examine specific marketing efforts, such as digital display ads and sphere marketing, as well as how you handled specific situations with leads and existing clients. Did you send an email at a different time? Did you say something inspiring to a buyer to encourage them to make an offer? What marketing risks paid off?
What’s past is prologue, so don’t let the appeal of bleeding-edge tech or coaching slogans push you into untested marketing decisions. Integrate new strategies slowly, and put an emphasis on what already works as you push into the second quarter.

Don’t Live Commission to Commission

The year moves in a blur when your months are measured in commissions. Slow things down a bit by looking beyond the trees in front of you, because there are all kinds of opportunities hiding in the forest.
If the first quarter didn’t end the way you had hoped, remember there are three more out there for you to win. Don’t panic or make rash decisions about marketing or sales tactics. As we offered in tip #3, stay focused on what works, and allow yourself time to research what works and learn why some things fell flat.

Lastly, remember that Quarter 2 is when the selling season really heats up, so consider January through March a warm up. Stay focused, take your time, and be a leader.
You got this.

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