Three steps to a successful brand strategy

1. Be yourself and connect with your audience in your natural habitat

Video is the ideal medium for you to communicate with your prospects. Simply show your prospects and clients what drives you and how you prepare to meet their needs. Your video could be shot while you are driving to a listing appointment, leaving a training seminar, working in your office, preparing for an open house, or turning the keys over to a new buyer. Video allows people to get to know you, so remember to be charismatic while demonstrating knowledge of your craft.

Once you’ve got your video ready and uploaded to YouTube, Vine, Instagram, or elsewhere — it’s time to make sure your target audience sees it. You can’t just sit back and hope they’ll find it; break through the clutter with smart social promotion on Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and other social networks that fit your target audience.

2. Be the one-stop information source

You should start thinking of your audience as your “fans” and provide information on things that your clients may find relevant — from tips on home decorating to suggestions on the best time to qualify for a mortgage. You should strive to be a one-stop-shop for real estate information and insight.

Your audience is much more likely to explore your links if they always find them stimulating and/or helpful. Further, you’ll show that you’re well connected in the business and up on the latest news. Posting outside content also shows you are a valuable resource of information. Marketing posts are important, but links to other trusted resources will keep you from being too self-promotional.

3. Be everywhere and promote yourself early

The number of houses that sell in the first week is up 54% vs. last year. This is largely due to buyers being able find new houses almost instantly through online promotions and mobile technology. For you, that means in order to get the best opportunities for your seller to find the right buyers, you have to be everywhere and you have to be there before week one.  Here are some tactics you can use to build your brand and create buzz:

Build relationships with local service providers like mortgage brokers to create a high-quality referral network.  LinkedIn is in ideal place to do to this. Invest your time here to generate referrals before week one.

Visual Branding:  Invest in high-quality imagery and visuals so that when you promote yourself and you client’s listing, you have the highest potential impact. And don’t be afraid to include some of your personality; how you present yourself is how you begin to differentiate yourself.

Audience Targeting:  As a real estate agent you’ve got a real advantage over an internationally famous musician — your market is based on geography. That means you can zero in on a region, a city, a neighborhood or just a street and really get to know your audience. And it means that you can target them with promotional materials — post cards, signage, even billboards.

The latest technology even allows you to target your local market while they’re online. You can reach prospects while they surf the web, shop or visit their favorite news sites. Adwerx just launched their new Promote Your Brand online campaign builder  Try it here.

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