Show love to your real estate clients this Valentine’s Day

Show your love to your real estate clients for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is the annual tradition of showing love to those you care for. And as a real estate agent, your clients are near the very top of that list!

The new trend in gift giving is subscription related, which offers a literal ‘gift that keeps on giving.’ So we picked some creative ways to express your gratitude, your appreciation and your outright love for your home buyers and sellers month after month.

Are your clients fans of snacktime? Try a subscription to Graze for access to all the latest creations, straight from their kitchen.

Help your clients toast their latest real estate venture every month with a subscription to Club W, the world’s only personalized wine club.

Maybe your clients are morning people who love a good cup of coffee. MistoBox ONE combines years of coffee knowledge and your coffee preferences to recommend the perfect coffees for your favorite clients!

Short of cooking your clients dinner, help make meals even easier with Blue Apron, a subscription dinner service that helps your clients discover exciting, seasonal recipes created by their culinary team and renowned guest chefs.

If your clients prefer to plan to their own menu, subscribe them to Raw Spice Bar, which includes three freshly ground flavor kits with a regional theme, kitchen-tested recipes to cook three global dishes serving 4-6, and surprises like bonus spices, toasting tips, discounts and other fun stuff.

For the traveler who can’t get out as often as she’d like, try Hammock Pack, which includes a monthly surprise pack filled with unique, hard-to-find items made by small businesses! Enjoy a selection of products that are local to each monthly destination.

Take a to-do off your client’s list every month with a subscription to Filter Easy! Everyone needs air filters, but so many people forget to replace them, making their home less healthy and more inefficient. Plus Filter Easy has program specially designed for real estate agents!

The ultimate gesture of love is to do good in the world in your clients’ names. Giveback Homes provides their member agents with an opportunity to help make a difference, and connect their clients to that social good.

However you decide to say thank you to your clients, make sure it’s authentic, unique and done with love!

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