#BeTheSherpa Story: Ron E Armstrong

Adwerx CEO Jed Carlson put a seller’s toughest question to real estate agents: “Why do I need you?” His answer was that agents are like Sherpas: they reduce the risk of the transaction, they help carry the load and they comfort the client along the way. With this mindset, no amount of technology or automation can ever disrupt the role of a real estate agent. His message to agents is to “Be the Sherpa.” 

We asked leading real estate agents to share a particular story when they got to #BeTheSherpa.

Ron Armstrong Asheville Adwerx #bethesherpa

Ron E Armstrong is a Keller Williams agent with a focus on luxury homes in Asheville, North Carolina. And in one of his more memorable transactions, trouble came from an unexpected source.

His client was from way back. She had been one of his very first clients, so she trusted Ron completely. And English isn’t her first language. Ron wasn’t present at the closing but instructed his attorney friend to take good care of his client.

The lender at closing was a replacement due to unrelated circumstances. And as the closing began, this lender began her attack.

First, she claimed the home never needed to be inspected. Then she informed the client that the attorney was an unnecessary expense. The barrage continued until Ron’s client was in tears, fearing that her trusted real estate agent had steered her wrong.

Paralegals in the office called him immediately, and Ron wasted no time in getting on site.

“I separated my client and the lender,” he said. “Then I told the lender she was in danger of practicing real estate without a license.”

Ron then focused on his distraught client, calming her and settling her fears. “I reminded her of the value of knowing how healthy her house was, and how the attorney made sure she was going to own it fair and square.”

Today, Ron is happy to report that his client is now ready to sell this house and move up to a new one, using Ron as her agent, of course. She has launched her own business and Ron is thrilled to help brainstorm strategies with her.

And just recently, an accidental “butt dial” led to a conversation and yet another transaction, helping her and her family move up!

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