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How do you market your real estate brand today?


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Seth Price and Barry Feldman

It’s rare that you find a marketing book that’s not only a joy to read but packed so full of actionable advice you’re going to want bookmarks for our favorite sections to read again and again. The Road to Recognition is that book. Written by Seth Price and his co-author Barry Feldman. This is one book you’ll want your entire team to read.

According to NOBU HATA, director of member engagement for the National Association of REALTORS®  “If you’re a living, breathing human being doing business in this world, you’re a brand, and no one understands that more than Seth and Barry. Here is a roadmap to success worth reading.“

Organized as an A-to-Z Guide to Personal Branding, Seth & Barry don’t just cover the why of good branding; they detail the how, in 26 easy to digest chapters covering everything from authenticity, content marketing, and design, to influencer marketing, websites and how to write emails people want to read.

This begs the question, how do you market yourself today?

How can you leverage your brand to accelerate your success, but also that of your team, organization, and community?

Authors Seth Price and Barry Feldman have examined these questions and transformed their years of research, and hard work into an A-to-Z guide detailing the exact strategies and tactics accomplished personal branders master. It’s called The Road to Recognition.

As Seth writes in the preface, “This isn’t personal branding theory for marketing geeks. God knows the world has enough of that. This is an actual roadmap for everybody else: the makers and doers of the world.

When it comes to building your brand, it’s a jungle out there. Between blogging, social media, networking, websites, content marketing, landing pages, email, and PR, there’s so much to manage in today’s always-on, always-connected universe.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, young student, consultant, artist, yoga teacher, designer, chef, photographer, or retiree, you are a brand with a reputation to be recognized, and there is no reason to leave that to others’ control.”

And just because the chapters follow an A-B-C format, don’t think they’re oversimplifying some rather complicated concepts. What Seth does so masterfully is to take these concepts and describe them with a conversational tone matched with actionable ideas.

Here’s how a few of the chapters start off:

A is for Authenticity

Anything other than the real you won’t do. Discover exactly what makes you fascinating. Build your brand on your true strengths.

B is for Blog

The most important personal branding development in the age of digital media is the power to publish at will and express your ideas. You need to start a blog and keep building on it.

C is for Content

Valuable content has magnetic power. On your blog—or in addition to it — create an interesting mix of content in various formats to earn the mindshare and trust your brand needs.

D is for Design

Everything you create should be presented with class and continuity. Develop a tasty logo, color palette, and design standards that reflect well on your brand.

As he detailed in his deep dive into branding on, Seth acknowledges that “Brand” is a tricky thing to describe.

Your brand comprises a handful of basic components:

  • The impression formed when your brand’s name is read or said by consumers
  • The sum of all of the experiences a person has with your brand over time
  • The reputation your brand generates from its inception through today
  • The way people describe your brand — not how you describe it to others

The book didn’t come together in a weekend. In fact, Seth and Barry created it over the course of two years, with some tough decisions along the way.

“It’s been a journey of perseverance and self-discovery filled with ups and downs,” he described. “Late last year we realized that the chapters we wrote in 2015 needed to be re-written. We were committed to creating a book that would add value to the reader whether they read one chapter or all 26. We wrote this book for our friends, readers, listeners and fans, who aren’t necessarily professional marketers, but who definitely need to market themselves professionally.”

Seth is well-known and well-regarded within the real estate industry and beyond. He’s the VP of industry relations for Placester. He’s also the host of The Craft of Marketing and the Marketing Genius podcasts. And he’s a sought-after keynote speaker.

The Road to Recognition will be released on April 25 but is available for pre-order. They’re also offering up three chapters you can read for free on The Road To Recognition website. You can bet you’ll find this book on many best-of lists by the end of the year!


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