SamSpeaks! with Seth Price of Placester

With Adwerx digital ads for real estate, agents can put their brand or their listing all over the web, Facebook and mobile apps.

But there’s a catch to Adwerx ads and all digital ads, for that matter. They have to link somewhere.

While maximum impressions for awareness are the goal, you do need a web site for your ads to go to. Nobody knows this more than Seth Price. And he sat down with Sam DeBianchi for this episode of SamSpeaks! to discuss web sites for real estate. And he asked Sam the question he asks everyone who asks his advice about real estate web sites.

“What’s your goal?” As in, what are you trying to do with your web site?

It’s a simple question. But often doesn’t have a simple answer. Is your goal to get your listings out there? Is your goal to showcase your testimonials? Or is your goal to capture lead information? Or may it’s all of the above. But it certainly can’t be none of the above.

Seth shared 3 great tips for real estate web sites:

  1. Use the space above the fold (what is visible before anybody has to scroll) for a good headline. And not a generic headline. It should speak “human to human.”
  2. You need visually interesting images. Invest in one ‘hero’ image that is the money shot. Make sure it’s super high quality. Pay a professional photographer to capture your area or buy a few stock images.
  3. Include a call to action. Let your visitors know — what do you want them to do? And what can you give them to get their contact information?

So with that in mind, agents often get intimidated at the scale of a site they need. But Seth advises caution and prudence.
“People get caught up in wanting to build the Taj Mahal,” he tells Sam. “But they should focus on the content: the blog posts and videos that serve their particular customer.”

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