SamSpeaks with Nicole Beauchamp

Nicole Beauchamp is a native New Yorker. And not just New York. She’s a true Manhattanite. And knowing Manhattan has become the cornerstone of her work as a real estate agent with Engel & Völkers USA.

When Sam DeBianchi sat down to talk with Nikki, as her friends know her, for this episode of SamSpeaks!, she wanted to understand how simply knowing people and knowing a city helped her become the powerhouse connector that she is.

“I like to connect good people with each other,” Nikki said simply.

But it’s not so simple to do that.

First, Nikki has to be where people are. She volunteers, she attends events, she has coffee with someone nearly everyday. She works hard at something that doesn’t seem like hard work but still evades even the most seasoned agent these days — relationship-building.

“I have my fountain pen and my wax seal — really old school!” Nikki laughed. But those aren’t the only tools she uses to stay in touch. “It’s so much easier to stay connected now. She also sends video messages and uses Instagram — creating unique, personal experiences no matter what the format.

Nikki doesn’t just want to know everything about her clients’ real estate needs. She wants to know everything about her clients. Period.

Sam wanted to understand — how does she keep it all straight?

“Take notes like crazy,” Nikki told her. Write down your client’s favorite cocktails, their favorite colors. Go beyond just their birthdays and record the anniversary of when they bought their apartment.

“Something that’s tangible and very personal.”

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