SamSpeaks! with Mark Spain

“If you reach all your goals all the time, you’re not setting them high enough.”

That’s just one of the pearls that Mark Spain of Mark Spain Real Estate shared with Sam DeBianchi in this episode of SamSpeaks!

Here’s a pro tip: watch this episode with a notebook and pen handy.

The real estate industry has a wide range of personality types, and Mark is the “speak softly and carry a big book of business” type. He doesn’t need make a loud statement to make a statement.

Mark put in his time. He spent 14 years with RE/MAX and nearly five years as a Keller Williams agent. “I’m an entrepreneur at heart, and I wanted to own my own assets,” he told Sam. But Sam had a question about that. When it’s your name on the door, clients want to work with you. How do you handle that?

As he explained, “Mark Spain is the brand and we have people that work with us.” And it hasn’t held them back since.

In fact, Mark’s team is a well-oiled operation. He has his own daily routine and encourages his agents to follow it. But don’t think that means he’s all work and no play — family time plays a critical role in his day.

See how Mark shaped his brand, built his business and what his advice is for new agents. And don’t forget to subscribe for more SamSpeaks!

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