SamSpeaks! with Leigh Brown

SamSpeaks! Coaching Episode 1 Leigh Brown

In the second installment of her new video and podcast series, SamSpeaks!, Sam DeBianchi talked with Leigh Brown. Leigh is a top producing agent in Charlotte, NC. She is the author of the book Outrageous Authenticity. And above all, she is not one to mince words.

Neither is Sam, of course. So we knew we were in for a dynamic conversation when these two sat down together.

“When you’re outspoken, you have criticism,” Sam said to Leigh. “And you have people who don’t like what you have to say.”

Leigh agreed. “As a woman — and especially as a Southern woman — I’m trained to please,” she said. “But I’m at an age now where I don’t really care what somebody else thinks. What I am and what I believe is more important than this random person over here. I’d rather have a few haters so that I can change the world for the rest of the people that are not haters.”

And that’s just one of many insights and exchanges between these two powerhouses in real estate. Tune into SamSpeaks! and subscribe for more.

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