SamSpeaks! with Katie Maxwell

Imagine you’re sitting in a sales meeting and suddenly the presentation screen is filled with a totally embarrassing moment from Facebook. It might just happen if you’re part of Katie Maxwell’s team at Intero Real Estate in Houston.

“I went through everyone’s Facebook profile and pulled their most awful, heinous photo and did a slideshow of how embarrassing they all were.” But Katie’s a good sport: she put her own photos in there, too.

“If it wasn’t for social media, none of us would know anyone,” she told Sam DeBianchi in this episode of SamSpeaks! But she doesn’t think that means real estate agents get a free pass to publish their all unprofessional moments. And that goes for Snapchat and Instagram, too. Because Katie is watching your feed at 2am… “It’s what I do for fun,” she smiled.

Katie’s sense of humor and business acumen go hand in hand. She’s built Intero into a 120 agent powerhouse. And they really do have fun. It’s one of her central recruiting techniques.

“We do proms and poker night,” she shared. “We do an evening of enlightenment with agents and their spouses. All for recruiting.” And Katie’s rising profile on the real estate speaker circuit has also helped with recruiting, as young agents realize they won’t just have a broker if they go work for Katie. They’ll have a guide.

“I’m a fan of teaching my agents to fish, rather than handing over a mackerel.”

That’s not to say her agents don’t use coaches. But Katie views a role as a coach as baked into her job description. She will be the one to help you set goals and hold you to them.

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