SamSpeaks! with Josh Tucker of Anchor Real Estate

How did your sphere help you build your real estate brand?

When a guy in a suit showed up amid the chaos of a NASCAR race, the folks in the pit did a double take. “They didn’t know me by name, but they knew me when they saw me,” said Josh Tucker. “When they saw me in civilian clothes, they’d stop me and say hello.”

Josh spent ten years working at the breakneck speed of NASCAR, in the pit with the drivers, mechanics and everyone else in this exciting sport. But at about the seven year mark, he felt the next phase of his professional life was on the horizon. But the question was: what would that be?

That’s what Sam DeBianchi gets to know in this episode of SamSpeaks!

Today, Josh Tucker is the co-owner of Anchor Real Estate in North Carolina. And his NASCAR sphere helped him drive his business.

(See what we did there? Drive?)

“In the athlete world, and in Charlotte sporting communities, everyone knows each other,” Josh tells Sam. And then he describes how he helped his sphere understand who he was and what he was doing.

Sphere of influence marketing is a critical element to any real estate business. Josh was able to take a community that supported him and transition the way they saw him — from the racing pit to the world of real estate. Nurturing tactics vary, though, and many agents try different tools from email newsletters to social media to events.

“I kept traveling to the races,” says Josh Tucker. “I stayed in front of them personally. Didn’t think a letter or a social media post was enough.”

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