SamSpeaks! with Joe Rand

Joe Rand is a pragmatist. In a world where everyone, real estate agents included, seems to overshare on social media, he has a word of warning.

“If it’s online, someone is going to find it,” he told Sam DeBianchi in Episode 3 of her series, SamSpeaks! “Even email can be seen by just about anybody down the line.”

For Joe, it’s about sharing the right information. And share he does. Joe is the Chief Creative Officer at Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty. He’s also an active blogger, writing for the “Market Intelligence Blog” as well as his real estate education blog “The World’s Best Real Estate Agent.”  He also maintains a personal blog about his experiences moving to the suburbs from the city, the “Move to Suma.”  

Joe Rand SamSpeaks

Joe and Sam are on the same page when it comes to service. As Sam asked him in this interview, “How can a new agent provide a great experience?” As Joe told her, it starts with service should start before you even meet your client.

“I find the best way to make a great experience is to provide information before you even meet them,” he said. The worst thing, as Joe described it, was walking into a client meeting and handing over a pile of paper. That’s not what the first meeting is for. You should already have provided background before you walked in the room.

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