SamSpeaks! with Ben Bacal of Roofshoot video for real estate

Ben Bacal wants real estate agents to knock on a thousand doors.

He knows that’s not possible in real life. But it is with video. And that’s what inspired him to create the new real estate video app Roofshoot.

He spent hundreds of dollars on video production of his luxury listings. “But I found out that the fancy drone videos get just as much engagement from my iPhone. We created an app that lets me do it all.”

Ben Bacal sat down with Sam DeBianchi for her series SamSpeaks! to talk about video, and explain that even luxury listings can sell with DIY video. Yes, they expect the expensive drone footage, but analytics show the more authentic, homemade video does just as well. And Roofshoot helps polish and automate the production to find a happy medium.

“It’s a helpful tool because it tells you exactly what to shoot,” Ben told Sam in the interview. The app walks the agent through the shot list. “It says to shoot the intro and talk here. Then shoot the kitchen and the walkway. You can shoot it in app or with your camera roll and edit later on. Then post it directly to Facebook or Instagram. Super easy,” he said.

Being a pretty experienced promoter herself, Sam wanted to understand Ben’s strategy. For example, how did he land a $250 million dollar listing in the first place?

The key, Ben explained, is always being in their face. Ben Bacal doesn’t wait until he has a listing to create a video. He creates videos about neighborhoods, about coffee shops, about local events.

“The more you’re promoting yourself to show that you’re the mayor of this city, the more you get hired again and again,” he said. And that creates a track record of proof and referrals.

Ben is well respected among his peers and has become the “go-to” agent for hard to find trophy properties. His excellent relationships with homeowners and developers alike, along with his knowledge of inventory allows him access to properties that are not available to most agents and gives him the ability to easily connect buyers with the best property for them. When listing a client’s home for sale, Ben develops a very personalized and aggressive marketing approach.

Watch the complete interview to get more of how Ben Bacal markets his brand and learn more about Roofshoot.

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