SamSpeaks! with Andrew Strickman about video for real estate

If you’ve seen Elizabeth Banks promoting, then you’ve seen Andrew Strickman’s work.

And you’ll meet him in this episode of SamSpeaks! where he said down with Sam DeBianchi to talk about video for real estate.

Andrew is the Head of Brand and Chief Storyteller for, and for the first time in the company’s 16 year history, they are speaking directly to consumers. But as you can imagine, the budget of these video spots is exponentially higher than the budget of the average real estate agent. But Andrew says it doesn’t matter as much anymore.

“High-quality cameras on smartphones have democratized video,” he said. It’s not about the production value anymore. It’s about the voice. “The agents we’ve seen do effective things have defined personalities. They let their personalities come to life in front of the camera.”

And the perfect platform for these low-budget, high personality videos is Facebook. Andrew has some best practices to keep in mind.

Aim for ten to thirty seconds for length. Keep in mind that shorter is better on Instagram, but you can go as long as 35 – 45 seconds on Facebook. “Also think about captioning the video, as people are more apt to watch something they like, but if they don’t click on it, there is no sound.”

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